In a desire to impact our community, we form seasonal partnerships with local businesses. Each quarter, our printed piece called “The Couch,” we will feature a local business or two with a discount!
We want this to be twofold: one – a gift to you and a way to stimulate our local economy and two – this gives us a change live out some intentional consumerism wherein by turning in The Couch to the person serving you, an opportunity to have a Christ centered conversation may emerge.  We often encourage our family to take the discount offered and add it to the tip so that we may represent Jesus through a little extra generosity!  Pick one up at a Sunday Gathering!

Casa Del Alfarero (The Potter’s House):
We are excited beyond words to continue to discern how we can impact the Rogue Valley through bridging any cultural gaps that may exist in order to see Jesus touch the lives of more people. We are locking arms with Casa Del Alfarero to a unique partnership form that we believe will ignite a church planting movement among diverse people groups.”

TLR is a part of a global movement called The Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA).
As a part of the C&MA we are connected to over 2,000 churches in the US and over 700 Alliance workers in over 70 countries.

Through the Alliance NW field office (our specific field) the C&MA, provides accountability and support as we launch TLR.
For more information on Alliance NW, check out their website at:
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