What We Believe

We believe that in order to be a safe place for anyone to engage in the life and mission of Jesus, we should operate as a loving family through genuine relationship versus organizational religion.

Therefore, we highly value being: safeopen & honestflexible, irrationally generous, and united.


Dan Gregory
Dan GregoryPastor / Lead Planter
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Larry Licato
Larry LicatoPastor / Children's Coordinator
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Kym McKandes
Kym McKandesPastor / Worship Coordinator
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Bill Gourley
Bill GourleyPastor / Attractional Coodinator
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Monty Mathis
Monty MathisPastor / Spiritual Health Coordinator
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Zach Tanksley
Zach TanksleyChurch Planting Resident/IT Guy
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Heather Roarty
Heather RoartyAdministrative Coodinator
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Josh Kaylor
Josh KaylorFacilities Coordinator
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Colton Dawson
Colton DawsonGo-To Guy
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Join us as we practice Irrational Generosity to obediently give as God leads us.
In this, we get to mirror the reality that our God is generous. All giving goes towards the various ways that The Living Room impacts the world around us.